Fiona MacSherry (3rd August 2018)

‘I absolutely loved The Walnut Tree – I read it in a day – couldn’t put it down, it really flowed. It’s fantastic!!!!’

Linda Wyllie & Paula Hunt, Dalbury book club (4th March 2017)

Interesting storyline with sensitive dealing of domestic abuse. Good development of characters, especially of the mother who completely surprised her daughter by taking control of a very tricky situation. It was then that the mother’s story came out. One of our book club members, couldn’t put the book down and said she felt transported back in time and place. my own opinion is that, for me, it was slightly long and the story wouldn’t have lost anything from being slightly shorter, but overall positive comments from the book club. Thanks.

Joan Goodwin (3rd March 2017)

A very knowledgeable and well written book; thank you, Caroline, ‘The Walnut Tree’ was a very enjoyable read.’

Susan Hewitt (17th September 2016)

‘This book was a different style of writing from what I was used to but, as I got into it, I was totally gripped and I really enjoyed it.’

Jacqueline Parsons (7th September 2016)

I absolutely loved this book – I couldn’t put it down! I can’t wait to read the sequel.

Pat Hall (13th August 2016)

I give this book 5 stars and the title of highly recommended. This book gives a fascinating insight into the lives of real country folk. It is brilliantly written and amazing that it is Caroline’s first book. She takes you into the minds of the characters as well as their actions. It has a memorable storyline as there are not so many names to remember and I found it difficult to put down. Could not wait to read what happened next. Very much looking forwards to Caroline’s next book.

Celia Richardson (12th August 2016)

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The portrayal of the all the characters was extremely graphic and realistic and I likewise loved the vivid description of the farming way of life – everything rang true to me. I was gripped throughout and couldn’t wait to turn the page to find out what happened next. I can’t wait for the sequel!

Stuart King (8th August 2016)

Lovely book – really enjoyed it – it’s probably not the sort of book I would have normally picked up so well done you!!

CMAYR, Amazon Customer (13th May 2016)

Thoroughly enjoyed reading this first novel. Liked the style of writing. Was sad to leave the characters behind so looking forward to reading the sequel.

Mick Delf (8th May 2016)

‘I loved the sub stories, the mother and father, and Debs especially. Also how you brought the farming bits to life. The only things that were missing were helicopters and machine guns!’

Peter Straus, Managing Director, Rogers, Coleridge & White Ltd, Literary Agency (5th May 2016)

Thank you for sending me a partial of your fiction ‘The Walnut Tree’. It is lively and engaging and written with passion, but I am afraid I am being very cautious as to what I take on at present and feel with regret I must pass.

Paul Honey ( 22nd April 2016)

A good story. Good twist at the end and nicely evocative writing about rural farming life as well. good characters and the drama of New Year’s Eve worked really well. Thank you.

Debbie Bridgford, Amazon Australia, Customer (6th April 2016)

I really enjoyed this book. It had good characters and a storyline to match. The main person in the story Carrie Langford the female protagonist. It was the sad looking tree, reached out to her in a gentle way, which I thought was great. It was a great read and I would rate it 4 out of 5. I would also read it again because I really enjoyed it.

Steven, USA Amazon Customer (30th March 2016)

Great story, and writing, a few things left unanswered, but maybe the writer will pick up on that in the sequel.

Tammy, USA Amazon Customer (18th March 2016)

I thoroughly enjoyed this book/ I don’t know how to explain it but I was drawn into it from the beginning. Looking forward to reading more from Caroline Wedd.

Karen Carter, USA Amazon, (8th February 2016)

Received via TBC for an honest review
This book did not immediately grab my attention, rather I felt I got to know, and care, about the characters as the book progressed. I ended up feeling extremes of emotion for different characters and literally wanting to shout at some via my kindle. I felt there were some questions left about some characters that maybe deserve a story of their own…? Indeed we were perhaps only seeing the beginning of the journey that some of our characters were on. Carrie and her friends and family each have their own demons to face and we get the sense that they are finding their way, sometimes together and sometimes on their own.
The book did make me think about the impact of the family set up and how we may allow our past to dictate our future. An intriguing read, I would certainly read more about these characters and by this author.

Jackie Roche, USA Amazon, (22nd January 2016)

I would like to thank Tracy at TBC and Caroline Wedd for giving me the opportunity to read this in exchange for an honest and open review.
I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first started reading this. I didn’t expect such an enthralling story.
I started reading this just before I went to bed and only put it down when I dropped my kindle. (Luckily there was no damage!)
Caroline Wedd’s description of the countryside was so realistic I found myself transported there.
Carrie is a “real” person and at times she made me laugh out loud.
This is more than just a love story. It explores relationships and the depth of feelings.
I look forward to learning more about the developing relationship between Carrie and John

Sue Wallace, Amazon USA, (12th January 2016)

I received this as an arc from the book club (tbc) in exchange for an honest review.
Ambitious, young, ‘ would be ‘ journalist Carrie Langford is impatient to be free from her boring, sterile, life at the newspaper. Can she escape from the guilt that is daily forced upon her by her mother.
OMG. Wow. Absolutely fantastic read.
I loved the story and the characters.
Carrie made me laugh.
She is my favourite character.
Some of the things she said.
This is a lovely feel good read.
It brightened up my week.
I loved the ending too.
This is a must read and I would highly recommend this book.
5 * although this is definitely worth 10*

Emma Bell ( 29th December 2015)

Really enjoyed your book, Caroline. The book is pretty brutal in parts, quite a harsh world to say the least…It’s not a sanitised picture you paint. Looking forwards to further unravelling in book 2…’

Charlotte Jordan (29th December 2015)

 I finished the book last night and gave a heavy sigh that my journey was over. I’ve not read another single book in the last year with a new baby and so happy I read this one! With beautiful characters and their real relationships, great phrase repetition, and such clever writing – thoroughly captivating. Excellent news that there is another book on the way, do you have a waiting list?! Because I’d love to go on it please!!! Xx

Sue Barton (16th December 2015)

‘Thank you for writing a book that was an absolute joy to read.’

Jane Smith (16th December 2015)

‘I would like to congratulate you on your fabulous book ‘The Walnut Tree’, I could not put it down! I really believe this will be a best seller, it is very cleverly written, and I think the best book I have ever read. Best wishes to you and your family for a very Happy Christmas.’

Rob-MI ( US Amazon Customer 24th November 2015)

Dear Readers, Wedd has truly created a brilliant and poetic novel in the likes and richness of Robert Frost with the creativity and inspirational sass of Theodor Seuss Geise. Each word, of every sentence, breathes meaning and life into the carefully crafted selection of characters, as well as the intertwined stories of their lives. Few readers will be able to take this journey without feeling like they have known Carrie Langford and suffered her experiences both good and bad. Wedd’s writing style and attention to detail is reinforced with an unprecedented awareness of the necessary information and literary references to build an immeasurable depth in the details of the story. This awareness of history intertwined with farm-life culture imprisons the reader and the underlying story through the pale eyes of human psychology bound by passion, pleasure, fear, and the uncertainties between men, women, life, death, failure, and the overwhelming desire for success. Wedd will leave you aching for pages, but have no fear, will return in time to deliver more than desired.

Helen Cooper (Playwright)

“This morning I started reading The Walnut Tree. I must say I am very impressed with its originality. All characters are damaged: stutter, disfigured hand, unusual height, needing a tailored raincoat to feel protected against the world…which all rings true to me. There is a strength and originality to your work. Your story is gripping right from the start.”

Gerald Michaluk (Managing Director, Isle of Arran Brewery, CEO Marketing Management Services International)

The Walnut Tree has all the hallmarks of a best seller – and a great cover illustration too!

Helen Crowson (RMN,MA,CBT Accredited, Service Manager/Lead CBT Therapist)

A great read, a real page turner, possibly the best book I have ever read by a new author, I am looking forward to the sequel!

Irena Beaumont (Retired Reflexologist)

This (The Walnut Tree) is a book to take on holiday.

Brenda Croft (Retired Office Manager)

I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Walnut Tree and I look forward to reading Caroline’s next book.

Mark Davies (Hairdresser)

I see this (The Walnut Tree) as a film.

Tim Hodges (Engineering Manager)

The Walnut Tree is a wonderful read; a beautifully written novel that’s impossible to put down.

Mary Wedd (Caroline’s mother)

I just wanted to read and read and read The Walnut Tree, I just couldn’t put it down. It’s a fantastic story. I’m very proud of you, Caroline.

Ian Hewitt (Managing Director, Pianoworld)

An enthralling, multi-layered debut novel. The Walnut Tree is a captivating read, highly recommended

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